Ghost Story
Once in a small town there was a girl who worked at a place that would give loans to people that needed them for, homes, new bisness, or cars. She was a hard worker and always tried to make the best decisions when it came to her job. Well one day an old short women who had looked like an evil witch had came in. she sat down an wanted a laon for the home she had owned for 40 years. she was very sick and could not work, when she caught nasty green slime would come up. Well she had already been granted one and could not rasive another so she blamed the girl and casted a very evil spell on her.
The spell was terrible and would guarantee your death in six days. Which at that point weird things had begun to happen to the girl that had made her seem crazy. A spiret haunted her an tortured her as if she was some kind of doll tossing her around in air then disappearing till the next day. People that would contact the spirets would come to her home trying to release her sole frim the evil spiret but it did not work. It was to powerful to be controlled. The girl was told if they can not release her sole intime for the six day it will kill her that day brutally. Ripping her body into peaces like shreads of papper. This spiret is the devil and from hell. Sent to the ones that were cursed to take them from this world. She did not know what to think an started reading on ways to excape this. But all she new was that she had not had much time left.  
Each day things got werse an she was torchered more and more. She finally found someone that could get rid of this evil spiret but demanded a high price. So she tried for a loan at her work and could not get one because she might not have the chance at the new pasision at work. She did not understand this, and she figured out that another women at work took it to get the spot. She started getting really worried almost giving up when her girlfriend told her that she payed it because she new how serious this was to...