Love Urself

Love makes the world go around. Love is like a perfume, we have to own it first then spray it to the people around us. So first we love ourselves and are happy then we can share it with others.
  1) It is important to love yourself because ultimately we are the ones responsible for our actions, choices and the outcomes of these actions and choices. Loving ourselves enables us to be more giving and more caring.
  2) Life will put up many choices up in front of us. It is in our hands to make the right decision. If we are confident with our decision we will definitely stand out from others.
  3) There must be a reason to everything we do. We must set our target right, once we have done that we can focus on how to achieve that goal. While doing that we should not divert from our thought or let anyone deflect us from our path. Every other person may have a different thought about our approach but what we think is right should be done because after all it is our life, we don’t want to regret anything afterwards and we cannot blame anyone for the mistakes.
  4) Everyone has their own opinion about everything. What may seem right to us may seem wrong to another. We should not let anyone stop us from approaching our goal; they will be like barriers on our path of success. We will have to learn to ditch them and understand between right and wrong.
  5) No one will be in our life as much as we are with ourselves. No one can understand better what is best for us other than us on our own. People can let us down by pointing out flaws, we just have to get that self drive   to prove them wrong.
  6) If we are happy with what we are doing, it does not matter what other think. If if the result is happiness what else do we have to ask for. After all happiness is a very good outcome.
  7) Happiness is that which grows within oneself. We should know how to stay with it and cherish its importance.