Love of Two Soulmates

She spend her whole time only thinking about him & making every moment special with him. She was totally different in love, deep in love. Maan was surprised to see this side of her. She looked really happy, delighted. She didn't need reason to smile or giggle. Not even a minute she would stay away from him. Initially Maan thought she was just excited about their being expressive sexually but soon he realized she was madly crazily   falling in more love with him if that was possible, it was not the sexual bit it was her love which she had never expressed until now.
He was surely to be blown away. Every breakfast was special, every call seemed to be more intimate , nights didn't seem to end. Maan could definitely see his wife in her now.   Even the coffee seemed to be special. He wondered how can that be. Now he realized how much she was holding back & wat was her meaning of being married. He couldn't have expected much of a change but he is surprised to see her as a wife. Something way beyond wat he ever expected or dreamt off. He felt she was very close to him, closer than ever before, she could feel his reactions before he could feel it. She was 1000% filled with only his love. Her face was glowing with his love, her eye was filled with passion for him, which he failed to notice until now. Nothing else mattered for her. Her day started in his arms & ended in his arms. But to his surprise she never said those magical words to him yet. He laughed at his own thought, there was so much of love in every thing she did, he never felt the need for those words didn't even long for it.
Her expression of love has been so uniquely distinctive towards him from the day one & every time it changed its form but the intensity that he felt only has increased. Let it be her being always different with him, or going extreme to manaofy him, or fighting with terrorists for him or leaving her dream for him, be it accepting the wedding subconsciously & fighting with herself to accept it...