Love Is Blind

“It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant”
      Love is the single flower that always blooms no matter of the season ,it is the architect of the universe that builds castles in the sky and,at the same time,just in a moment,can breake all our dreams.
            Friendship is the sunshine at the end of the tunnel.Like a single rose can be a garden,a true friend can become a world for you.Love and friendship are the main ingredients of life recipe.Thus,all begins with a simple friendship and then grow in a big fire heart of different feelings,that gives us wings to fly,but steals our mind.
            It is said that “love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant”,because love is build just on dreams but a friendship develops in reality.Peoples who are involve with somebody don’t observe the world around them and they just don’t want to see the difficulties,troubles that can disappoint them.Their eyes are blind,lovers don’t see the reality and start to play naked,thinking that all pieces of their life are pink.People inlove are used to making crazy things and being blind they don’t care about the consequences.However,the truth id   that this feeling   come into our life just for a season and then it turns into a habit.
              Speaking about friendship I can assert that it is clairvoyant,because in a friendship people are more aware of what they do.They see clear all troubles and try to solve them.True friends teach us lifetime lessons:those things we must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation.Being in a friendship you see   the life as how it really is and remember all important things and people who   are part of life,but when you are in love u just forget about all in this world.
              Whenever we can’t foresee everything but we should be more careful ,so love truly but don’t be blind ,value and keep your friends because they will open your eyes.