Love Differences

Question #2

In the movie, The Great Gatsby, it portrays a twentieth century love story. It is a romantic drama which tells of the lives of four people and the obstacles they face. The film describes how love, lust, and obsession lead two men to drastic measures to obtain what they want. It describes the life of a woman in American society and the role she is to follow. Their society was much different than our modern world today.
Throughout the story, Tom and Gatsby are rivals in winning Daisy’s heart. Tom sees Daisy as his property by being his wife; whereas, Gatsby loves Daisy and is very affectionate of her. They both; however, share the qualities of not seeing Daisy for who she is truly is and just as what they envision her to be. The separation between the two is also represented in the fact that they live on separate “eggs” of Long Island. Gatsby struggles with the fact that he will never be as socially accepted as Tom because he was not born into wealth. The two have strong determination and will let nothing stand in their way towards success and their intended happiness.
During the movie, Daisy and Gatsby were very much involved in a secret love affair. Although she was in love with Gatsby, she decided to stay married to Tom. She now had a child with Tom and divorcing during the time period would result in a strong prejudice against them. Because of Daisy’s high social status, she could not be married to a man who was not born into wealth. Daisy chose to satisfy the opinions of others, rather than her much wanted happiness.
The Great Gatsby embraced the most critically analyzed aspects of a 1920’s society. Almost all of the characters portrayed in the movie are influenced by society and what society deems to be desirable. They focus on the past when they should be looking towards the future. Social status and feminism tower over lost and found love throughout this entire story.