Love and Death

Senstad, Keneth
2-22-12,Block C
Pofs. Bio.

                                                          The Cell Theory

      The Cell Theory is the understanding of cells. Cells are what make up all living organism. Everything that ever lived was made of cells; any thing that will ever live will be made of cells. Cells are basic structures found in plants and animals. There are two different types of cells Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic. Both of these cells come from pre-existing cells. Throughout development these cells will form into complete cells that will carry out the necessary tasks for life. These cells contain organelles. All cells have organelles. Organelle perform he necessary task for the cell to stay alive. Organelle comes in different shapes and sizes but all work to benefit the cell. The most vital to the cell for the continuation of cells would be the nucleus that holds the DNA or genetic. This is important and one of the main reasons why cells are so important is because without them we would all look the same without any different genetic makeup. With these component many scientist try to understand cells. This concept of the cell theory has been derived from two scientists Matthias Schleiden and Theodor Schwann, in 1839. Both of these men look through simple microscope identify and even find cells. Schleiden summarized his observations into three conclusions about cells: 1. “The cell is the unit of structure, physiology, and organization in living things. 2. The cell retains a dual existence as a distinct entity and a building block in the construction of organisms. 3. Cells form by free-cell formation, similar to the formation of crystals (spontaneous generation).” This would later lead on to what we know as modern Biology. Scientist like Charles Darwin used the cell theory to show the process of evolution. Cell theory might be one of the greatest finds in history: nothing has had a bigger impact on the world and the way we see it. Honestly I...