Lost Relationship


When was the last time you heard a bedtime tale from your grandma ?When was the last time you took some time of your schedule and heard your grandparents talk about the ‘good old times’, when there was nothing such as recession, global warming etc. Certainly   today’s youth has completely lost connection with their grandmas and grandpas. We would any day prefer to watch T.V or   check out the latest funky videos on you tube than go and chat with our grandparents.
But do we ever realize their importance? Do you ever notice that they can recover from minor ailments without ever visiting the doctor? Maybe your grandparents would be unable to help you in trigonometry or algebra but they can do mental calculations without ever using their fingers. Grandmas themselves are   cook books of sorts with a different dish for each and every function or festival. While grandpas are the animated versions of our history text books. Their lives are certainly very different from ours. All the luxuries and   comforts that we enjoy today maybe didn’t even exist in those days. But yet their hearts are filled with love and various entertaining stories of their times ….   All you have to do is lend your ears. Many of us actually do not realize the joy in their hearts when any young person talks to them. They long to tell us about their lives.
The so-called generation gap, does exist but yet that does not mean that you and your elders can’t befriend each other. Gaps are created when we drift apart and try to live life the way we want. But it is important to remember that the elders have not whitened their hair in the sun – they have a lot more experience about life and about what is right or wrong.
Distance should never be a barrier between any relationships. Even if you live away from your grandparents just a call or a small inquiry would leave a smile on their face and would keep them happy. Even a small gesture of kindness towards your grandparents living with...