Lost Labour of Heracles

“Phew, I suppose this marks the end of my 12 labours!” Heracles heaved a sigh of relief as he returned to his abode after capturing and bringing back Cerberus, the multi headed hound. “Hmm? What’s this?” he remarked as he removed the note stuck onto his wall. The note simply stated:

“Rejoicing already? That’s too soon, my dear.
You have a final task: To fetch my lightning spear.
Location: Mount Olympia. Deadline: Dawn.

-King Eurystheus”

“No way! Another labour?” Heracles groaned. Yet he had to comply. He began his journey up Mount Olympia. It was not before long when he reached its peak. However, the spear was nowhere to be found! It was almost noon and his search had been futile. Despondent, he took a short rest under a tree.

Much to his surprise, nailed to the tree was another note. Was Eurystheus mocking him? An infuriated Heracles ripped the note down from the tree. It said:

“Can’t find it? Let the pheneus show you the way. Good luck.”

At that instant, Heracles felt an ominous shadow looming above him. Without as much as an upward glance, he knew what it was. He instantly took out his bow and arrow and got ready to aim…

But he was too slow. Much too slow. In an instant, a pheneus came swooping down and tore at his vest. Heracles then geared up his defence mechanism and strangled the carnivorous bird with his mighty strength. He proceeded to take the wings of the pheneus and attached it to himself. A ferocious air battle commenced.

Heracles may have the power, but neither did he lack the brains. Noticing through the battle at how the pheneus followed their leader, he merely defended himself against the other pheneus and targeted an attack on the leader of the pack.

The leader of the pheneus, though, was not to be trifled with and despite Heracles great strength and courage, his first attack to the leader was only an hour before dawn. This was when something truly amazing happened.

As Heracles slashed the pheneus with his only...