Loss of Innocence in 'Let Me in'

In the movie Let Me In directed by Matt Reeves, Owen eventually emerges from his shyness as a strong and a confident person as a result of what befalls him.

Owen’s innocence was lost through his bond with the vampire girl Abby that leads him to encounter hurdles. Owen is an innocent, lovely, naive child, who is bullied at school for being very sensitive and neglected at home as his parents are getting divorced. When he meets twelve years old Abby, he develops a crush on her as he relates to her, being an outcast himself, and they form a strong bond. As he is so innocent he is an easy target for the bullies, but he followed Abby’s suggestion and started strength training. Owen goes to ice skating, and hits the bully hard on his side of the face and split his ear apart from each other and starts losing his innocence. His innocence is dangling by a mere thread when he asks her out: ‘Will you go steady with me?’ After he knows the truth about her, he was frightened with reality: ‘Can people be evil?’ he asked his dad in scared tone. Eventually, he comes to the terms with what his girlfriend is. He saves Abby from the detective, by preventing him opening the window, and lost his innocence to his bond with her as he let the detective die. Abby used him to save herself and become his guardian, exploiting his innocence. His innocence goes where love came from, as he longed for love, being neglected at his home. The song in the end shows the change in his character; the loss of innocence: ‘Eat some now, save some for later’. The song symbolizes that he is mature now.