Looking for Alibrandi

Josephine’s attitude changes towards her Nonna from originally hating her at the beginning to admiring Nonna Katia’s life experiences and the strength shown through her life. Josephine goes to her Nonna’s every afternoon after school and constantly complains to her mother about her Nonna, Pg 16 “she drives me crazy. She’s starting to tell me all those boring Sicily stories. If she tells me one more time she was beautiful I’ll puke”. We see how Josephine’s Nonna really gets onto her nerves and wits end by this quote. Later on in the book we see this attitude change as her irritation turns to admiration towards her Nonna. Pg 226 “In the past I’ve had to be bribed to stay with Nonna Katia but I wanted to...

when we come to the point where we can’t change a situation that we are forced to change ourselves instead

As adolescents grow their view on the world and them self change over time as they mature.
The novel is written in first person narrative voice, which allows the reader to see Josie’s self doubt, her attitude towards her future and the growth she makes through out the novel ‘This might be where I come from but do I really belong here’.
Josie also becomes more aware of her attitude towards the way she acts when she says ‘I’m beginning to realize that I can be a little selfish.’ Marchetta’s direct speech shows the reader that Josie’s perceptions are not always reliable; this is evident when Sister Louise says ‘ You have to learn that sometimes you have to keep your mouth shut’ which is something characters other than Sister Louise echo to Josie.
Josie’s emancipation and emotional growth goes through obstacles such as John Barton’s death, which initiates self-reflection and knowledge. This is represented when Josie says ‘ I want all the things in life that John Barton gave up because he was to scared to step outside of his circle.

Changes in perspective can have consequences on families and can cause a reassessment and appreciation of...