Looking for Alibrandi

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Belonging is a term used to describe how an individual feels a sense of satisfaction and happiness. It unites many people together as one. The image portrays a unified group of people who are holding hands and are surrounding a collection of words. The positioning of the people with their joint hands raised show a sense of joy and gratitude for being able to overcome any difficulties they might have faced when trying to find a sense of belonging. The colour of the wording differ from each other, showing how others might have to face challenges that are different to others, yet still come together in order to find a sense of belonging. Through the use of vectors, an individual’s attention will be drawn to the wording, due to the dark background contrasting to the lighter colours and then to the surrounding people. The variants in gender in the photo, show that there is no discrimination towards each other’s genders and that they are all equal. All in all this image clearly portrays how belonging is based on the concept of feeling a sense of satisfaction and happiness as well as being unified with others.

“Looking for Alibrandi” by Melina Marchetta

“The Lost Thing” short film by Shaun Tan

“Identity” by Julio Noboa Polanco
Let them be as flowers,
always watered, fed, guarded, admired,
but harnessed to a pot of dirt.
I'd rather be a tall, ugly weed,
clinging on cliffs, like an eagle
wind-wavering above high, jagged rocks.
To have broken through the surface of stone,
to live, to feel exposed to the madness
of the vast, eternal sky.
To be swayed by the breezes of an ancient sea,
carrying my soul, my seed,
beyond the mountains of time or into the abyss of the bizarre.
I'd rather be unseen, and if
then shunned by everyone,
than to be a pleasant-smelling flower,
growing in clusters in the fertile valley,
where they're praised,...