London, Muse

London and Muse at Wembley, 10th September 2010

      The 10th september is the day that I will remember till the end of my life. I spent five days in London during this September. I had been in London two times before this visit and I had visited some places and attractions before.   But London is so huge that you can go there a hundred times and there will be still something that you have not seen before. This big advanture began around this time last year. I was talking with my girlfriend Lucy about Muse and I told if they will play at Wembley one day, we will be there. Few days after Muse announced that they will be playing at Wembley. So I did not waver and I booked the tickets as fast as possible. I gave the tickets to Lucy on her nameday, she was very surprised and I was very happy that I will be on the concert. The 10th September was probably the most memorable day out of these 5 days on our trip, we started by River Cruise on Thames, then we were at some London attractions and at the end of the day we were at Wembley Stadium at Muse concert.
      From my point of view, the best way we could start our trip in London was to take a River Cruise on the Thames. I had been thinking about that before we went to London while I was planning our trip. So on the 10th September we woke up in our hotel room, ate breakfast at the restaurant and took the tube to Central London. It took around twenty minutes to get under Big Ben. We left the underground and we could see gorgeous Big Ben. We took some photos and got in a boat at the Big Ben Pier. We took a one hour and thirty minutes tour from Big Ben to Greenwich and then on the return way, we left at Tower Bridge Pier. During a whole cruise we had a spectacular view of London. We could see the most significant places and historical buildings in London. For example the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben, the London Eye, the Gherkin, St. Paul´s cathedral, Shakespeare´s Globe Theatre and a lot of   expensive apartments by...