Lomography Asia

MKT 3402

Name: Kong Jin Yu
Matric Number: A0119652A
Sectional Group: B2

The American photographer Aaron Siskind once said “photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”   This, this is the reason why I’ve fallen head over heels for film photography.

My love affair with film photography started as a lucky stroke of serendipity. I was going through old boxes in my attic, and chanced upon a box labeled ‘USA Tour Photographs’. Being the nosey and curious person I was, I scrambled opened the lid of the box, unknowingly opening a door that proceeded to change my life.

There were rolls and rolls and rolls of negative film in the box, as well as the printed pictures that accompanied them. I clambered down the stairs and bombarded my dad with questions. “Dad, what are these! Is this film? When did you take this? Can I see how they look like? This is so cool!” Thankfully, he still had a negative film scanner lying around somewhere that I hooked up to the computer. The scanned film results were beyond incredible.

New York, September 1994 (Notice the twin towers!)

I loved it. I absolutely loved the how the film had aged over the years; how the colours evoked a certain vintage historical feel to it. I loved how the light leaks became more prominent, how the film looked like it had scratches all over it.

At that moment, I decided I was going to start on film photography. I would start taking photographs now and patiently wait 20 years for the film to age to be surprised with the results down the road. Little did I know that I would love the photographs pre-aging too.

Multiple exposure of Paris and Koh Samui, Fisheye lens, July 2013

The beauty of film photography is in the inability to delete any photos. You can’t quality check your photos to choose the best one and delete the rest; you...