o Introduction (You will present the ethnography by providing information such as the group studied, where are they located, when was the fieldwork carried out, what is the aim of the ethnography, that is, what does the author want to tell us).
o Fieldwork (How was the fieldwork carried out, what fieldwork techniques were used during the fieldwork (give examples), what different groups of people did the anthropologist meet with during the fieldwork, did the anthropologist have problems during the fieldwork, how did the people react to the presence of the anthropologist, how did the anthropologist prepare for fieldwork, did the anthropologist return after the initial fieldwork, what are the majors findings of the fieldwork).
o Anthropological concepts (What are some of the concepts that you read about in the textbook are used in the description or the analysis (for example, gender relations, family organization, what is their mode of subsistence, their religious beliefs, etc.), How did the ethnography help you better understand these concepts, did anything that the anthropologist did or find contradict what you read).
o Your thoughts about the ethnography (Did you like the ethnography, what did you like the most, the least, what surprized you the most, did you think the anthropologist succeeded in proving his point, do you think the data collected is valid, would you have done anything differently).
o Conclusion (Tell us what are the major findings of the ethnography, does it help us have a better understanding of the people studied, what does it contribute to anthropological knowledge).