Lol the Book of Willys

Grandma: Be careful Ollie you’ll slip and break a leg
Me: *smirks* What did you drop the oil?
Grandma: No no it was the bloke (slang)   across the road. He picked all the glass up but all the olive oils there.
Grandpa: well hopefully it’ll rain at some point
Me: no oil and water don’t mix
Grandma: you need some sorta soap pause hot soap
Grandpa: well they come down tomorrow to clear the roads
Grandma: Oh do they? They don’t wash it though do they?
Grandpa: Well they just em pause yeah
Grandma: The guy comes round though afterwards with one of those sticks like I’ve got hesistation   picking bits up
Me: a street sweeper?
Grandma: No not a sweeping he just comes round with a bag and one of those *cougs*
Grandpa: They’re very handy those cos they
Me: No the people with the machine they drive are better
Grandpa: *mutters* it came crushing down into these empty so I then went to the management when I was leaving and he then came um and put a bench across to try and sort it all out and they got one of those sticks
Grandma: Oh yes, they are very useful (emphasis)
Me: Yeah, it’d be a very tedious job though.
Grandma: What?
Me: Picking up stuff would take forever.
Grandma: He was actually quite educated cos I stopped and spoke to him. He was really quite a nice guy. I thought, what are you doing this for?
Me: Well he might have no other option.
Grandma: well no and, they’re very smart these people um taking; did the local paper come this morning?
Me: I dunno
Grandma: I watched them their delivering it, one up this road, and one up that road
Me: What paper?
Grandma: It must’ve been the paper you did, oh no it’s not em mustve been that magazine
Grandpa: Oh yes we’ve received that magazine, the village or something and I put it in there
Grandma: ah, oh is that the one
Me: What’s the village?
Grandma: who’re these outside laughing?
Grandpa: their kids sometimes who just come past and have a bit of a laugh
Grandma: Hmm I like to know what’s going on...