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|Date:     |April 5, 2006                                               |Pages:         | 1                                                   |
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|RE:       |Matches without an appointed referee                                                                                             |
|#         |3/06                                                                                                                             |

With the current difficulty FFT is having providing match officials for lower division matches it is important that all clubs are aware of the process for ensuring that the games proceed.

The 2006 Competition Rules, that were provided to clubs in March, cover the situation as to who is responsible for provision of a referee in Rule 8.   This rule states:

Rule 8     OFFICALS

a) Where at any match there is an absence of either a referee or assistant referee, the Home team shall be required to provide a referee or assistant referee as the case may be for that match.

b) In the case where two assistant referees are required, it is the responsibility of both teams competing to provide an assistant referee.

c) If a referee and two assistant referees are required the home club is responsible for providing the referee and one assistant referee, and the away team one assistant referee.

Please ensure that all teams within your club are aware of this requirement.   It is also the responsibility of the home club to inform FFT of the match result and send the team sheets provided by each club to FFT for processing....