Loki the Destroyer

“I am Loki the Destroyer and this is my story.
I was born on a day when the moon blocked the sun; because of this I was condemned to be bad luck for everyone I came in contact with.   To show that I was bad luck I was tattooed with the mark of destruction, (that is how I got the name Loki the Destroyer).
I hated the name that was given to me, but in time I decided I should accept it.   So I decided that I would destroy this world and start a new one, were there are no marks of destruction, no marks of anything.
So now here we are at the gates of the city of Thanos, this will be the first city to fall by my hands, no by our hands!   I ask you are you ready?”
All the men in my army said “yah “.
“I said are you ready?!”
The men shouted “Yah!!”
“Then prepare for battle!” I said.
All the shields had the mark of destruction painted on them. For that is our symbol.
The swords and armor were painted pitch black, but soon they would be stained red.
It was a magnificent battle, none of my men were killed.
This gave us new strength, to know that the gods were on our side.
Of course there are those who would try to stop me, although no one has ever come close to defeating me, accept for a small group of heroes called the assassin squad. Madma is the name of the group’s leader, the name of the person who is second in command is Dareius, and the other members are Zeek, he is the explosives specialist, Bareok, he is the
Weapons specialist and Maximus, he is the destruction specialist.
My only choice is to end the assassin squad, permanently, before they end me.”
Than someone shouted,
“We’ve almost broken though the doors of the city of Thanos.”
  Once we have broken the doors down it will be easy to conquer the city, the outer wall is strong but the inner walls are weak, the inner walls are meant to separate the pore from the rich, the sick from the healthy.  
Those inner walls are the very things I am fighting to destroy.   In what world is it okay to separate...