Logical, Circular and Arithmetic Shift Operations

Running head: Module 1 Homework Assignment Week 3

Module 1 Homework Assignment Week 3
Luc Chocron
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This paper was prepared for CIS 105, Module 1 Homework Assignment Week 3 taught by Instructor Hannes Bogacs.

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Write a 2 page research paper (excluding the title page) on logical, circular, and arithmetic shift operations.   Use an example not discussed in the textbook to explain these shift operations.   In addition to textbook, use two other resources (Wikipedia sources are not permitted) and list each resource used at the end of paper in the reference list section.   Please remember that you may utilize the LIRN Library to help you search for resources.   You can visit the Academic Resource Center for a guide on how to utilize the LIRN Library successfully.

Logical, Circular and Arithmetic Shift Operations
The design of digital systems requires three basic types of operations that collectively referred to as “shift operations”. In shift operations, the movement of bits happens by one or more positions within a register. This shift can take place either to the left or to the right and whenever a shift takes place, the arithmetic value of a bit is either increased or decreased by a factor of two for every position by which it is shifted. Therefore, the shift operations can be denoted by either multiplication (for left shift) or division (for right shift) of the contents of the register by 2. The above statements present a summarized crux for shift operations.
There are three different types of shift operations: Logical shift operation, circular shift operation (also called as rotation) and arithmetic shift operations.
In the logical shift operation, zeros are shifted in to replace the...