Logging Is Good for the Environment


BY: Edward DeVos

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Edward DeVos
Kruse la3
Cause/ Effect

Most people think logging is just removing trees from the environment and clear cutting, the people who think that are wrong. Some of the effects of logging are new growth trees are planted (four for every one cut down). The logging industry is a 270$ billon dollar a year business that keeps the construction business alive because with out wood most construction would come to a screeching halt. One more reason why logging is important is because it helps cut down on dead trees that could fall and destroy homes and businesses around them.

One effect of logging is that new trees are planted in place of those that are being cut down, according to the History Channel show Axe Men there is five trees planted for every one tree that logging company’s cut down. When a new growth of trees is planted they plant them very close together, in aproximintly 10-15 years the logging company’s come in and cut down some of the trees to let the other trees grow larger. Once the other trees become larger in another 10-15 years then the logging company’s come in and cut down the rest of these old growth trees after planting new trees in the same spot of the forest.
Some tools of the trade are chainsaw, used for falling trees. Chocks, used for making the tree land in a certain spot. Stumpers, which are special boots with metal cleats on the bottom used for climbing trees and maintaining balance when walking on logs. Suspenders, for holding up your pants. (ha-ha) Skyline, which is suspended in the air from the yarder attached down hill to a stump, this line is what the carriage rides on that carries the logs to the landing. Processor, which is used to de-limb and cut the trees to the correct length. Loader, is a machine that picks up the logs and loads them on to the trucks. Choker, is a thick metal wire that is wrapped around the log and attached to the carriage.  

The logging industry is a 270$...