Loger Agreement

Lodger Agreement


The Landlord: [your name and full address here]

The Lodger: [your lodger’s name here]

The Accommodation: [describe the accommodation of which the lodger will have sole use]

The Contents: as set out in the attached inventory

The Shared Rooms: [here you list shared accommodation, for example, kitchen, bathroom, utility room, etc; thoroughfares like hallways and staircases do not count as ‘rooms’]

The Rent: £ [insert amount here]

Payable weekly/monthly in advance on the [   ] day of the week/month [delete whichever does not apply].

Deposit: £ [insert amount here] to be paid on the signing of this Agreement with the Landlord.

Notice period: one week/one month/three months [delete whichever does not apply].

A The Landlord gives the Lodger the personal right to live in the Accommodation and to use the Shared Rooms with the Landlord/the Landlord’s family [delete whichever does not apply].
B The Lodger agrees to observe and perform the obligations set out in the Standard Provisions enclosed with this Agreement.
C This Agreement can be ended at any time:
C1 by the Landlord giving the Lodger notice to quit the Accommodation at the end of the notice period;
C2 by the Lodger giving the Landlord notice of his/her intention to vacate the Accommodation at the end of the notice period.
D The Landlord agrees to provide the following services: [here you set out what you are prepared to offer, such as breakfast, cleaning, laundry, etc]
E The Landlord’s address for service of notices (including notices of proceedings) is the address given for the Landlord at the start of this Agreement.

Signed by the Landlord ……………………..…………..

Signed by the Lodger ……………………..…………..