Lockie Leonard

The novel Lockie Leonard Human Torpedo, Lockie Leonard faces a number of momentous challenges. Lockie Leonard has the challenge of being and outsider and also the challenge on with Lockie has to fit in at his new school
while he was being bullied, the challenge that he has to face everyday his family and as well   the challenge Lockie Leonard has to face his fears and talk to Vicki Streeton. Tim Winton uses a number of language devices; the most popular Language device that Tim Winton uses is the informal language there is a lot of informal language thou out the book.

One of the adolescent changes which Lockie Leonard copes with is being a outsider. Lockie Leonard starts at a new school called Angelus high school and finds that he is not cool at all. The locals targeted Lockie Leonard earlier in the book when the locals put vegemite in his pants. Lockie Leonard is challenged quite extensively and he is strong-minded to get them back good. This experience is located on pages 16 to 17 where Lockie Leonard is beaten with vegemite in the boys toilets. Tim Winton uses informal language like when he used “pong, tricky bits, dunnies and lots more”. The surroundings are unpleasant and the actions are as well. Tim Winton’s language indicates Lockie Leonard’s discomfort. This paragraph is similar to the challenge which Lockie Leonard faced when he was being bullied around the town.

One challenge, which Lockie Leonard faced was getting bullied. His classmates and the people in the town consider Lockie Leonard a city boy and did not have a strong idea who he really was; this is shown in the first surfing experience. This is probably Lockie Leonard most considerable challenge and he chooses to show off his mad surfing skills and who he really is in front of all the locals at the beach. Tim Winton likes to use surfing language/jargon words like “grommet, barrel, fully, sick, keg, going off, no way, kook, hills, reef, clean” and many more this is shown on page 11 in the...