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A barangay is the smallest administrative division in the Philippines.
There are so many barangay in our country and each one has their own uniqueness and individuality.
Our barangay, Brgy.74 has also a uniqueness and individuality. Our barangay promotes health and safety for the citizens, enhances the right of the people to a balanced ecology and equality, they are also encouraging and supporting the individuals , in short, our barangay is moving as one or let me say our barangay is UNITED but still we encounters some common problems. Brgy.74 is located at HEROES DEL 96, SAMSON ROAD CALOOCAN CITY. The landmark is the Bestfriend food chain. From bestfriend food chain it is 3 minutes walk to be in our barangay and it is 240 meters away.

Physical condition of barangay is very important, because the physical condition of one baranay reflects the citizens itself. The physical condition is the attractive one in sight of the other people.
Our barangay, barangay 74 is nice to see, even though it’s small but still its clean and well organized. The land area is not that large but it’s fine and it’s enough. Our barangay has also boundaries, from Masagana Street to Calaanan Street. I know that it is not that large area you expected and our barangay will be improving year by year.
Barangay 74 provides service institution like “Little Angel Day care center”. The purpose of this Day care center is to provide quality child day care benefiting the child, the parent and the community. This program is designed to meet the special needs of infant and preschool children.
In our barangay you can see some vehicles that used for transportation like jeepneys, tricycle, truck, and taxi. Those vehicles are very useful for transportation


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