Role   , responsibilities and boundaries   LO1.1                      

My role at work is to teach children from the ages of 9 to 15 how to play a musical instrument of there choice. First we will have a chat about what they already know about music and there chosen instrument . Once this is over we will move on to basic lessons.   This could take up to two months depending on the child and there requirements.   When   this has been achieved we will move in to groups and learn set songs to take out and perform   on stage.  
I am responsible   for   planning   and preparing a lesson , then delivering the tasks in a way that is easily understood. It is important that I deliver the task in an enthusiastic   way , to make learning a good experience for all . Most of the work I do is in groups so making sure discipline and respect are maintained   is important to all in the class , this I can do by being a good role model and setting a good example at all times. I will constantly   assess   the groups needs as well as identifying individual requirements . Its my responsibility to make sure the class understands what is being taught and that I fully understand what I’m teaching. Health and safety   is very high on my list both in the studio and on stage so I’ll check and prepare   the rooms and equipment   both before and after a lesson, this will include setting out music sheets adjusting mics to the right height and tuning all guitars ready for the lesson. I will also check all the equipment for damage or faults so I know every item is safe to use prior to the lesson.   During the lesson I’m responsible for keeping the room focused on the task but at the same time making learning fun as this is fundamental   in music.  
Its important for me as a music leader / teacher to work within the boundaries of my role. I’m confident to deal with situations as they arise but would seek advice when needed .   as a music leader / teacher   I must remain professional at all times. This includes...