Lit Analysis

Savannah Glass
Mrs. Pierce
Honors English 2
Reality or Merely an Illusion?

Imagination and reality, two opposing ideas but yet are so difficult to decipher. Peyton Farquhar finds himself struggling to understand how to tell the two apart. He is a man in the 1800’s who was accused of assisting a union soldier in the civil war. Peyton is put on trial and the general, of the confederate army, came to the conclusion that Peyton shall be hanged above Owl Creek. As Peyton is standing on the planks, one small breath away from oblivion, he focuses on his wife, his children, and being in existence. He felt the soldiers pulling the planks; as he plummets towards the swirling water, he feels an extreme sensation on his neck. Peyton senses the rope breaking, sending him crashing into the subtle creek. While he is submerged in the icy water, he pulled apart the ropes that restrained his hands, gasping for a breath of air. As he struggled to reach the surface of the water, Peyton knew the soldiers would not let him escape alive. The moment he thought that to himself, guns began firing. The loud cracks and flashes sent Peyton into a panic attack. He flailed his arms and kicked his legs, trying his absolute hardest to reach safety of the surrounding woods. Peyton knew that if he reached the woods, he could escape and sprint to the warmth of his home. Gasping in small gulps of air, becoming dizzy and disoriented, he slipped unconscious. Peyton was awakened by the feeling of dry land. He stumbled onto his feet and took off running. He plotted his way through the woods, never thinking once of anything except the presence of his wife and his home, the presence of safety. As the wood line became visible, he began running so fast the earth had seemed to pause. He could just feel the embrace of his loving wife.   It was the final stretch, the last jaunt until his home. His shaky knees couldn’t quite hardly carry himself up the stairs of his house. His wife opened the...