Listening and Speaking Development

Children up to 18months old usually point to tell us what they want.
They are able to say about 20 words. They make lot of baby sounds like     “ba-da-goo’’ and they copy adult’s sounds. They know their names and are able to show their own nose, eyes, ears etc. They understand some simple questions and are able to pass everyday objects when asked.
    Children at the age from 18months to 3 years enjoy nursery rhymes and try to join in. They know from 50 to 200 words and are able to join 2 words together. Often words are not clear. They use sounds: “m”, “n”, “p”, “b”, “w”, “t”, “d” and follow instruction with 2 main words e.g. “Find car”. Children at this age shift attention with adult help and start to use language in play. They understand some attributes (e.g. big, little) and some basic prepositions (in, on, under) also they use some pronouns correctly (I, me, you). Children use more sounds in words such as: “k”, “g”, “f”, “s”.
  3 and 4 years old children can use 4/5 word phrases and are able to carry on simple conversation and follow instructions with 3 main words. Most of them use plural forms, articles (a, the) and the can use present continuous tense. They name primary colours and give their full name, age, and sex when asked. They no longer need adult guidance to shift focus. They use sounds: “l”, “y more often and they also begin to count.
  Most 5 years old understand ‘Why?’ questions. They also link sentences using ‘and’ and ‘but’.   Children take   turns in conversation and speak clearly with confidence showing awareness of the listener. They use past,   present and future tenses properly.   They use   “sh” and “ch” in words. They understand harder propositions (e.g. behind, in front) and pronouns (he, she, we, them, those, his). They enjoy jokes.
  When they are over 6 years old , they pay attention to what others say. They show understanding in the main points in discussion. They are aware which ton of voice to use. Know their home address....