Links of Theory in Regards to Delivering of Learning

Using your research, produce a written report of your findings showing the link of theory to delivery of learning, and should also include:
  a) Analyse ways to use technology to enhance learning and teaching
  b) Evaluate the benefits and limitations of using technology in learning and teaching
  c) Review ways in which elements of the minimum core can be demonstrated in delivering lifelong learning
  d) Apply minimum core elements in delivering lifelong learning
When delivering sessions, it is important to know why we, as tutors, are doing what we are doing. We should be able to link our theories of delivery to previous theorists such as Kolb, to see how they interlink with one another. It is also important to take into consideration what technology is available in order to enhance my teaching and the student’s learning as well as incorporating the minimum core into our lessons.
Theory Links to Delivery
When teaching, it is important to be able to justify my approaches as to why I am doing certain activities or teaching in a specific way. There are three main types of theories within education; Behaviourism, Cognitive and Humanistic. Even though I may not use all of their theories within my teaching sessions, I think it is important to be aware of what the theories focus on and link to my subject specialism and teaching style.
Behaviourism “suggests that we learn by responding to a range of environmental stimuli in an appropriate manner.”
The application of Behaviourism, according to Frank Jacob, is:
  * Learning becomes an interactive process
  * Teacher designs programme, sets objectives, measures performance
  * Use of positive (and negative reinforcement)
  * There is place for trial and error
  * Emphasis upon repetition and practice
Skinner “suggested that one can be made to behave by positive reinforcement – this is rewarding behaviour, or by negative reinforcement – this is the removal of an unpleasant stimulus....