Linear Vibrating Screen Equipment Malfunction Introduction

The most common is the vibration malfunction, should first understand the working principle of vibrating screen, it is the realization of the material using vibration exciter screening, when the vibration of the failure can not be a normal power operation will make the equipment can't be started, and the vibrator components at work to ensure good lubrication, not only need to grease a professional and efficient to prevent grease appeared thickened caking solidification phenomenon, not to the lubrication function, to check the lubricating oil and lubricating oil replacement suitable.

Again is a linear vibrating screen equipment malfunction, linear vibrating screen because of supply flow change material, the maximum feed rate exceeded the requirements of the feeding value, making the material plug formation in the screen surface, when the material is accumulated to a certain amount, the work load of linear vibrating screen, leading to not start thus, treatment method is to materials on the screen surface clean, ensure the screen surface can screening material smooth. Vibrating screen assembly line is composed of a central control circuit composition, when some components are damaged, replacement of the components in time.

Sometimes the voltage instability, and start voltage lower than the rated voltage value, to ensure that the voltage the steady working process of vibration sieve. Should be adjusted to make the two motor current difference is less than 15A. Internal parts: the use of single jaw crusher should be regularly stop open door window observing system single jaw crusher internal wear, center feeding tube conical cap, wear, impeller, flow channel lining board, circular plate, wear-resisting block wear, should be promptly replaced or repaired, replaced wear-resisting block should be replaced, ensure wear-resisting block weight.

high frequency screen: