Lincoln on Kentucky

Theodore Luckett
        History and Research Writing
TuTh 9:25
Lowell Harrison, Kentucky historian, author and Professor of History at Western Kentucky College, in Lincoln of Kentucky, has written a well in depth study of Abraham Lincoln for those who desire to know more about his life and in particular ties to Kentucky, how they effected his life and the Civil War. Harrison’s Lincoln of Kentucky is not meant to be received by his audience as a biography or study of history of the Civil war in Kentucky. It is meant for those who wish to learn about his “interrelationship with Kentucky, thorough his life, with emphasis on the Civil War years.#” The reoccurring theme throughout the book is one of Lincolns ingenious in dealing with a slave state split between the Union and Confederacy. Although Lincoln of Kentucky is not meant to be a biography of Lincoln it has the feel of a biography meant for a high school or college age audience lacking in specific citations for the material use, rather a generalization of citations.  
Harrisons uses the usual chronological order of a biography in writing Lincoln of Kentucky by grouping his life into categories, jumping around from different points in his life at times. The first chapter covers Lincoln in the minds of Kentuckians after his assignation by John Wilkes Booth. The opening is captivating it retelling the story of that fateful night in a almost novelistic way, capturing the audience and setting the stage of the rest of book covering the most revered president to ever hold office. It is in this first chapter a brief Historiography of Lincoln and the way he has been viewed over time by Kentuckians and the way he was viewed before and after the war.
The next few chapters are dedicated to The Lincolns stay in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois, following the Lincolns along there journey to Illinois and young Abraham Lincolns adolescents and development. The author provides adequate information in regards to how the...