Private car! Who doesn’t want to own a private car? But here comes a bigger question, which car doesn’t bring waste gas to our environment? Rencent past decades have seen the development of traffic transportation has been recoganized universally. Some people with high eco-friendly sense believe that the car use will decline. As for me, I do prefer this statement.
    Obviously, we all notice that the car bring us many chemical pollutent which contaminate our atmosphere and environment. We have realized the importance of reducing car use. Let’s assume there are   10,000 cars produced every year, if one car generates 100 liter waste gases in a year, then there will be 20,000,000 liter gases generated from all those cars. Which meas we will surounded by half fresh air and half waste gases. How can we live in this atmosphere if we want to be healthy and have a long life-span? It is without any doubt that if there are too more cars, to some cases, we can not live in a health envirnment, which need us to reduce car use spontainious.
    In addition, with the car use rising, what we faced is drain of energy and resources. If there is a car, there is petroleum. And well-known is that petroleum is limited and unregenerated. Also these 10,000 cars produced every year, one car at least need 10 liter petroleum a month, so twenty years is 2,400,000 liter petroleum. How much petroleum we have? And we also have other uses of petroleum not just for cars. It is crystal-clear that we are not using petroleum, so that we need reduce car use as our first step.
    Many people, however, are holding the opinion that people who live in a good living condition will need a car, which stand for their social status. These people believe that they make money with arduous work, they desearved these luxures to make them feel a sense of achievement. Some of them also think a car will bring them convenience especially when they are going to supermarket.
    In spite of the fact that there exist...