Lime Kiln Mass Production of Biochar

industrial lime kiln at high temperature anaerobic conditions with kiln operations, mainly for the production of construction materials lime. Global warming has been a threat to human living environment Quarry Crusher, biochar can effectively curb global warming, today, we will discuss about the feasibility analysis of the lime kiln production of biochar.
biochar, under hypoxic conditions refers to high-temperature processing of biomass, biomass burning off oil and gas, and the rest is biochar. Biochar is almost pure carbon, can have hundreds of thousands of years will not disappear supreme, equal to the carbon sequestration into the soil to bury after help slow global warming worldwide sparked widespread interest in biochar. There are many scientists believe, with biochar carbon capture fairly stable carbon can ldquo Quarry Crusher; Lock rdquo; in the ground for hundreds of years, and to make the soil more fertile; It also can reduce nitrogen dioxide and methane and other greenhouse gases emissions.
Judging from the introduction of the biological carbon, lime kiln can be mass-produced biochar.
biochar is not an ordinary charcoal is an extremely rich charcoal carbon content. It is in a hypoxic environment, by pyrolysis of wood, straw, corn stalks or other crop waste carbonation. This from the plant formed for the purpose of a fixed carbon charcoal is what scientists called ldquo; rdquo ;. biochar Its rationale is: biomass, whether plant or animal, in the absence of oxygen combustion, can form charcoal.
Well, since white rotary kiln can, other kiln, such as ceramic kiln, lime kiln and whether the activity can also be used in bio-mass production of carbon it?
machinery factory after expert analysis, biochar production process requirements are very high, even have the choice of lime kiln production process high. Biochar project is a project for the benefit of future generations, we are sloppy   SAND MAKING MACHINE. Ceramic kiln, lime kiln, etc. Although the...