Lighter Than Air



Introduction -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3
Birth of Lighter-than-Air Aircrafts ----------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3
Lighter-than-Air Contribution to the War --------------------------------------------------------- Page 5
Zeppelins ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 7
Benefits of Lighter-than-Air ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 10
Present Lighter-than-Air -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Page 10
Conclusion -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 11
Works Cited ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 13

From just ideas and thoughts to man’s first ever flight in 1783 in a balloon, aviation has much evolved from just a dream to reality. In modern society, aircrafts are taken for granted. Often, it is forgotten that the aeroplane is one of “man’s greatest creations.” After all, to be able to imitate a bird and to rule the skies is quite an accomplishment. Flight, once regarded as impossible, became a reality with the help of many great minds and their brilliant ideas. The process was long, treacherous, and full of obstacles; although some of these ideas may have seemed unwise and unworthy at the time, all of them have helped develop modern aviation. Constant innovation was needed; pioneers cooperated with their fellow colleagues to build on each other’s unsuccessful and successful works. One of the most important developments in this long dream to make man fly was the invention of the lighter-than-air aircraft. Although the lighter-than-air aircraft may not be regarded as better than the modern heavier-than-air aircraft, it has...