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01 September   20XX
Trying to fit all of your responsibilities and daily activities into a twenty-four hour period is a difficult problem that is very common in today’s world. Managing time spent with life priorities and other daily goals is a true struggle. In the process of balancing responsibilities, goals, and personal life, some life priorities may be neglected. This is why putting family and other primary concerns should be put first and never ignored.
One challenge that is faced when managing schedules is including daily responsibilities. Whether we are responsible for chores, work tasks, or homework, we all have responsibilities. Parents who believe working comes first and should take up most of their time often neglect their personal life and family. Sue Shellenbarger’s article, “Diary of a Mad Blender”, describes the life of a parent who works too much and starts ignoring her children’s accomplishments. The mother’s goal was to efficiently use spare time by integrating work with personal roles, but only used the time for work and never spent time with her family. She eventually realized her work had prevented her from paying attention to children. This example conveys how parents may get carried away with their work to extents that result in major family problems and how it’s important to make schedules balanced with all priorities.
Whether our goals are long term or short term, we all have goals that take time and effort to get accomplished. Many college students spend all of their time focusing on their career.