Each year, students are presented with new information that has no relation to the prior year.   I believe the new lessons taught in schools don’t incorporate past information because educators want to focus on presenting new information. Students practice the method of retaining enough information only so they can pass test, with no means of remembering that information for life. I believe the reason for this problem is that children aren’t engaging in critical thinking activities, which causes them to forget information. I will activate student’s prior knowledge by having them engage in critical thinking activities that challenge them. These activities will push students past their limits and allow them discover new talents, abilities, and recalling past information.
The students of the 21st century are being educated by Ipads, tablets and computers, which if not used with presentation skills has a negative effect on developmental and communication skills. The classroom environment I envision for the 21st century should have a set up similar to a round table where each student is able to see everyone in the classroom. This will promote positive traits such as eye-to-eye contact and also build confidence. The classroom walls should be bright colors that promote positive moods, such as yellow and blue. Each room should have soft music playing in the background to promote concentration and relaxation. Lastly, electronics, such as tablets, should be accessible in the desk, but only allowed when students are presenting information that requires speaking, which will help them develop communication skills.