This is a beautiful dream or just a pretentious human emotion that deceives you.All the while it deceives love it when it stays but deep down you know all good things come to an end….and so will this one.You lie awake and weave your   dreams with open eyes and in one wink you dream is gone and you are left alone with unmistakable black….the darkness of your reality….the only colour of your existence.The only promise that doesnot deceive you…the promise that you will be only your best friend at the end.Just   like the trees you complete life…the cycle of happiness and sorrow and again run towards the same circle,the centre being your nothingness because empty have you come and empty shall you leave.You paint and repaint the canavas of life with colours to hide the darks….the blacks…your weaknesses.You cling to luxuries…to friends….to the world to escape from world.You get so involved in something but in the finish you realize you never wanted hate yourself for going too close to it.Sometimes you love someone   so deeply that he is the only one who has got enough of you to hurt you.There’s nothing like the cold breeze across your face and you realize your realself.What you are pretending to feel and what   you truly wish!What you have given and what do you want!Where do you stand amidst all your love?In this strange game of life….you stand ALONE!!!