Life, Support, Music Documentary

The documentary, Life, Support, Music touches so many issues.   The story of Jason Crigler can be described as heartbreaking to fascinating.   There are so many challenges that the Crigler family had to face.   I will be discussing some of these challenges, along with the impact these had on their psychosocial world.   As well, the client care that he received and how that ties into the field of human services.   Watching the documentary and then having the opportunity to meet Jason in person was an experience that I will always remember fondly.
  The psychosocial world of the Crigler family, at the time was very complex.   They faced so many hurdles during this time of crisis.   The world that they were living in and was familiar to them became completly foreign to them. They had to place all of their trust, faith and confidence on the doctors.   Their psychosocial world all of a sudden became a place of uncertainity and unknown.   They weren't sure what the outcome would be and what exactly was even wrong with Jason.  
When the doctor's gave their assessment about Jason that he "won't be able to make it through the night and there won't be much left of him", I felt a range of emotions.   I felt my heart sink at the thought of what kind of life Jason would have.   However, along with feeling sadness I couldn't help feeling a bit of anger at the way the doctor's "announced" their assessment.   It seems that doctors working in an environment where they see patients like Jason so often that they seem to lose their sense of compassion.   It can be said that they become "immune" to seeing those suffering from various health conditions.   I realize that doctors are just performing their duties in informing the respective parties of the health conditions of the patient.   Doctors are not supposed to sugar-coat things, they are supposed to be honest and forthcoming.   However, in doing so doctors sometimes appear only to be negative.   They need to realize that families need something...