Life Styles Inventory (Lsi)


Personal thinking Styles

Figure 1, the Life Styles Inventory (LSI), as shown below, depicts my highest score as competitive with a percentile of 99%.   Surprisingly, didn’t expect that characteristic to be my highest score but however I am a very competitive person but normally in sports or activities and not in my jobs. Nonetheless, this style is characterized by focusing more on winning than excellence performance which is untrue of my performance at work since my focus is on performing at the highest level of my ability than winning. It’s also characterized by being the center of attention which is even more untrue of my personal or professional life. Additionally, the jobs that I’ve enjoyed the most have been in administrative which requires no competitiveness at all.

Conventional is my backup thinking style with a 96% percentile. This style was somewhat surprising as well since this style is characterized by being a stickler to rules, which I am but it doesn’t hinder my creativity or ideas. With the companies that I’ve worked for, have been able to communicate my ideas or creativity; sometimes it has been adopted by the company and others may have not but I’ve been able to have a voice within the company which is important to me in an organization.   However, not a risk taker in neither my personal or professional life so this styles does fit me to a certain extent.

The next two thinking styles were tied with a 93 percentile, humanistic-encouraging and afflictive which characterizes me more than the other two. Humanistic-encouraging is characterized by seeing the good in everyone, being a good listener, having a genuine concern for others, and believing that I can help improve, guide or support someone’s efforts. This describes me perfectly in both my professional and personal life. For instance, enjoyed working as an Office Automation Assistant for the EEOC because I allowed the customers to vent their problems, found solutions to their...