Life Sotrys

Andrew Eddy


Then world is full of people who do terrible thing from Adolf Hitler, to the terrorist who blew up the twin towers, do the people that live in our own back yards. In this story I am unfortunately one of them. In this story I will talk about the terrible thing that I did to a man that gave me a job and was nothing but nice to me and how I betrayed his trust. Lets go back to august 7th.
I was down on my luck just sitting in my room getting fatter and fatter just waiting for something interesting to happen. For the last 3 and a half months I have no job my car was about to break and all I was doing was just sitting there. So I talked to one of my friends and he was about op work down at the fair and he said that I might be able to get a job down there with him working one of the fair rides that he has worked on for the last couple of years. So I jumped on the opportunity and went down there and spent 4 hours trying to prove my self to the boss and after all that he finally said the words that I will never forget “no”. I was stunned and said that I was and pleasure working for him and was sorry that I did not meat his expectations as I was walking away he told me to wait. Turned around and said “ya”. He then went on to say that he felt bad for letting a kid like me walk away so he said that I was getting a job for him working a ride called the ejection seat. I had finally gotten a break so he told me to be here on Saturday the 13 at 5 and be ready to work. I was so excited that I almost hugged him but stopped just short and shook his hand and said “thank you so much I won’t let you down”.
I wake up at around two in the after noon and realize that today is Saturday   so I get ready for work was my cloths take a shower and slowly drudge my way to my sliver 1995 mercury mystique. By the time it is four. So I make my way down to the fair it was so busy that I could I hardly get a spot and make it on time. Get to my ride at 5 sharp and this thing...