Life in the Moveing Lane

Shannon Crims
Life in the Moving Lane
PSY 202
Instructor:   Virginia Krauss

Hello, my name is Shannon Crims, mother to a 3 year old boy and wife to a wonderful husband who is in the United States Marines where we, presently, reside in sunny San Diego, California.   I have not always lived in San Diego, though; I have moved around so many times I can’t even count them on all of my fingers and toes.   I have chosen to write about life in the moving lane, and how it has affected me through my younger years, highs school years and my adult life, and what I have gained through these moving experiences.
I began my journey, into this world, in Hood River, Oregon, until the age of 8 months, when my mother decided to leave my dad and start her life as a single parent in Bakersfield, California, with my paternal grandparents; which didn’t last long.   Only one year later, now 20 months old, my mother decided to move my sister and myself to Tulare, California, to live with my maternal grandparents and start her career working with The California Highway Patrol.   My mother, now on her feet, decided to move us to Visalia, California, where she would be closer to her job.   At the age of 3 years old I had already lived in 2 (two) different states and 4 (four) different homes; this, I’m sure, was not the life my mother wanted for us but was the life we had started.   I can’t say this is something that had affected me yet, due to the fact I was still very young, but I’m sure it affected my mother.
  We had now lived in Visalia for a while and things for my mom were looking up as she had a great career and was supporting us alone, but still found us moving around as she constantly strived for a better life with better living conditions.   I give my mom the upmost respect for always trying to do the best for herself and her family.   Visalia had now become my home, maybe not the same house, but where I was going to grow up. Through my elementary years, I believe, I lived in...