Life Factors

Shaunagh Grange
BTEC Extended National Diploma in Health and Social Care
Unit 4:
Development through the Life Stages

Jade didnt have brittle bone disease but if she did this is what would have happened;
Brittle bone disease can occur when someone injures themselves and become less likely to become comfortable with their body. Fortunatley, rodding is used in some cases to help treat some of the more serious concerns to brittle bone diseases. Rodding will work when it goes right to the middle of the bones which means it is more susceptible to becoming deformed. Brittle bone disease is caused by low blood calcium in the diet. It’s when the pace of forming new bones can’t keep up with bone loss that osteoporosis develops.

Jade didnt have infections during pregnancy but if she did this is what would have happened;
There are plenty of infections during pregnancy that can occur. For example, Bacterial Vaginosis, Hepatitus C, Mumps, Rubella ect. Mumps during pregnancy is an illness typically presented with fever, myaliga and swelling of one or more of the salivary glands. In women mumps may cause aseptic meningitis, mastitis etc. Mumps infection during the first trimester of pregnancy has been associated with an increased rate of spontaneous abortion.

Overcrowding in Jades house caused Jade to get very mad and she didnt like it. Jade used to go out of the house at 9 o'clock and sometimes come in at 6/7 o'clock because she didnt like al the crowd. It sometimes caused everyone to argue.

Jades peer groups taught Jade not to go down the road what her mother went down. They influenced her to become a better woman. Peer groups are an important influence throughout someone's life, but they are more critical during the developmental years of childhood and adolescence. It appears that the power of the peer group becomes more important when the family relationships are not close or supportive. Most children and...