Life Experiance

One life experience that helped become the person I am today is sports.   I play many different sports.   But the one sport that has mostly influenced me is soccer.   I have been playing soccer for seven years and I am currently on a division one travel soccer team.   Playing soccer has taught me many characteristics I have today.  
Soccer has taught me to use teamwork. Teamwork is one of the most important skills a team needs to succeed. A team needs to work together to win because, one person can’t win the game by themselves. Everyone needs To work together to defeat the opposing team by passing, encouraging one another and communicating with one another. This helps thee team keep possession of the ball and score goals. Teamwork is not just used in soccer it is used in other group activities.  
Soccer has also taught me to be an hardworking individual. This is true because the ball isn’t handed to you most of the time and you have to work for success. You are always running when your on the field and most of the time it’s without the ball. If you don’t run when you have possession the other team will catch up to you and steal the ball from you. For example, if you don’t get to the ball first and your not trying to get the ball then the other team will win the game .   I’m also hardworking outside of soccer. I work very hard to be in honors classes and have good grades. I also work hard to be a good reliable person.  
Soccer has also instructed me to be resilient. For instance when your in a game and the opposing team scores you have to be able to bounce back and score more goals. You can’t give up on anything unless you have tried your hardest and gave 100%into it. I am also resilient during school, when I get below a 90 on a test it is my duty to try my hardest
The next test or exam and study harder to improve my grade....