Life Choices

Improvements of Life Choices

If I made better life choices instead of the decisions that I made in my life now my life would have possibly be different in many ways; such as, starting a family later in my life, choosing better jobs, and started going to college sooner.
First of all, if I had started to have a family later in my life it could have changed my life dramatic. I could have used birth control to prevent having children. I could have waited until later in life to start a family until I had a career. Also, I could have focused on school instead of boys or finding a significant other. When I had my first child, I was breastfeeding and my doctor told me I didn’t have to worry about birth control because it was a natural birth control. Well to my surprise 4 months later I found out I was pregnant again. Instead of listening to my doctor I should have researched the facts myself.
In addition, if I had picked better jobs earlier in life instead of the easy money jobs, I would have a career already. Making the decision of getting easy jobs opposed to the job where you work up the ladder would have stopped me from having several dead-end jobs. Also, if I had chosen a job that I could excel into many higher positions, I probably wouldn’t have needed to apply for federal aid, such as food stamps and Medicaid, to support my family.
Finally, I should have gone to college earlier instead of going in my mid-twenties to get a career. When I was younger I made excuse after excuse on why I couldn’t go to college. I had a child that was one of my excuses, but now I have 3 children and in college because i learned how to juggle school and family better. I also should have gone to college right after high school while everything was fresh in my head. If I had made the choice to go to college I would be on the right track to a career with a 401K and health insurance without help from others.
In conclusion, If I knew how hard life would be now, I would have made...