Life Change

The cirtcuits.
I reedthis book that is about an immigrant who wants to get the American
dream and suffers to come to this country to help his family and get good
This book is about a Mexican boy who lived on a rancho in Guadalupe (mexico) and for some reason he and his four family members moved to california because in mexico his father didn’t have a good job and had economic problems and things didn’t go so well , so his father decided to move to california .
They crossed the border and stayed illegally in California
When they were in California they didn’t have legal documents and they were scared about the police catching then and the deporting then.
They were in california they lived in a labor camp and they constantly moved from farm to farm working picking cotton and strawberries to topping carrots.
Panchito the young boy , didn’t speak or understand english .
It was hard for him to learn different things. When he went to shool for the first time in this country to learn english he put all his effort into learning to helping his parents to work after shool during the summer.
Panchito always worked har der with his parents and collaborated with then an everyting. His parents felt pround of him because panchito helped his parents.
Sometimes his mom felt afraid for her family because her husband was working with illegal papers and he could discovered by the police and arrested and be deported.
The general them if this book is family.
“how hard it is to grow up”.
I choose this theme for this book because I think is the best sentence that describe the whole history.
This story describe how a young boy’s life change after migrating to a country with a new language and style of life.
How people struggle to come here and work witout papers or illegally . His specific struggle was at school,when people talked to him and he didn’t undertand because he doesn’t speak english very well . For him it...