Life Before the Internet and After

“The life before the internet and life after the internet”

By: Niesha Washington
ENC1101-12_ [IndividualWork]

We have all been without the Internet and we have all worked with it. Why and how it has helped and hurt our kids. So by the end of this you can decide what you think about it.
When I was in school we didn’t have the internet so we had to do our letter writing by hand, mail it and wait to receive on back, which took three to four days. We went to the library to do research and to work on papers. We used a dictionary or an encyclopedia to look up things. Mostly, we had to really work to get their homework done and it would take us awhile. Also, we learned how to use a dictionary and learned how to spell correctly, and how to use good grammar and punctuation.

In the past before the Internet, books were a useful tool. Businesses carried on by writing letters and sending them to the post office. Calls were made by telephone which did not cost a lot of money to call them back. Books were a useful tool to everyone because of all the information in them to do homework, business, etc. Did you know back then in the 60s or 70s teenagers would spend hours writing essays or doing some projects they had to do without the Internet. Well, it’s true. My mother grew up without Internet. She did most of her work by book. Some books in the past had some step-by-step tips to help out. It was not a lot of easy work, but it gave many details. We did not have to worry about virus or hackjackers because the Internet never existed. Our work and information was safe.

After the Internet, Today in this world we are living in is fast and easy. Why? It is because the Internet exists! The Internet is a fast useful tool and has a lot of research on it. We do not have to worry about our mails getting lost, we have e-mail. We don’t have to worry about buying too many books to find the information we need in a hurry. Faxing is like a phone and printer put together. Life is...