Library System


The Cavite Provincial Library is an effort to modernize library services and afford the reading public, especially the convenience of a fast, easy, working and free access to knowledge and information. As one of the catalyst in planning for the community development and in the continuous education of the people, the Cavite Provincial Library serves as an integrated, not involving or relating to a specific religious sector or political group of information. Library is regarded as the brain of any foundation. Many of them understand the importance of the library to the growth of the society and through their user

Traditionally, library systems are implemented manually. Forms are given to Librarian and they fill them of using pens. Afterwards, the school administrators process them manually and complied on large file cabinet. The manual Library system is very costly, time consuming and tedious. The primary complaint of library administrators with this system is the tiresome task of searching through records just to verify your query data.

The system entitled “Cavite Provincial Library Management System” supports the general requirement of the library like acquisition, cataloguing and circulation. The fast phased of technology recognized a lot to the improvement of the library system.Technology enabled software developers to computerize the library system. The library system helped the Provincial library greatly. The transactions and requests in the library can be created in a single click.

Project Context
Cavite Provincial Library currentlyusing manual process for recording books and client information. They use record book and ball pen to store all the data and information of the book and also the information of the borrower. With such process in place, it is very common to encounter various problems such as slow procedure in processing the borrower’s ID card and in borrowing book/s in the library, it is time consuming for the...