Library Essay

Article one
The first article I found was The Role of Cross-Cultural Factors in Integrative Conflict Resolution and Crisis Communication: The Hainan Incident, published in the American Behavioral Scientist in 2009 by Yi-Hui Huang and Olwen Bedford.
This article shows the integrated theoretical and policy-oriented framework for cross-cultural conflict resolution by exploring relationships among conflict resolution styles and crisis communicative strategies with emphasis on both conflict structure and cross-cultural factors. They use the Hainan negotiation between China and the United States as a case study to prove study on the topic. The analysis indicated that the use of mediators and consideration of favor and face, which are central resources in Chinese interpersonal interactions, are likely to contribute to an integrative conflict solution. (Huang & Bedford, 2009)
I found this article to have clarity and lots of detail around the topic. Overall it was easy to understand and was supported by diagrams and various studies. I located the article in the SocINDEX database. It was available in PDF full-text format.
I would recommend this article to students specifically studying various cultures and their ways of dealing with conflict. The article covers the three main styles of conflict; Integrative style, Distributive style and Avoidance style. As it pertains to SPCH426 students, this article would be good to use since it covers some of the subjects discussed in the book. However, students would definitely need to use other sources since it only covers two specific cultures.

Article Two

The second article I found was A cross-cultural comparison of family communication patterns and conflict between young adults and parents published in Journal of Family Communication in 2008.
The studies showed surveys that researched conflict styles scale modified for the family setting, and a family communication satisfaction measure. The surveys showed...