In order to be a basic high school graduate librarian you must how good skills with alphabetizing and numbers. This allows you to search for and find books and where to place them when they are returned. There are assistants to help return these items and even help search for them, but you must know the system. Helping clients is also an important part of the job. People will need your assistance in finding hard to locate materials or reference materials. They will also bring you their complaints which you must handle. There are teaching aspects in this job also. When customers come in you may need to explain the use of the library or policies. This may from something as simple as the hours of operation to the different amount of borrowing time of different materials. People may also ask how to use the computers or programs in the facility. Also most computers run on a time limit, many of which are conducted by signing in with the librarian at the desk. So even if they do not require assistance they are still part of your duties. At times you may be requested to search for references online in order to answer a patrons question so you need to be comfortable with your computer skills. If you do not have the information to offer you still want to be able to give the person some input or path to help them on their way. Another thing you will be expected to do is to plan classes that can be offered to the public. You are to also to organize it and find others to assist you in setting up the program. Be prepared to answer questions when teaching these classes to others. This is a way to promote your own work place and reading in general. Many schools welcome these kinds of opportunities in their classes in order to show children the joy of reading.