Libetarian Justice

Title: Libertarian Justice
Author: Tibor R. Machan
Date of Article: 2002
Summary: This article talks about what the libertarians believe in. They believe in basically giving minimum power to the government and letting human beings do whatever they want under one rule: It must not harm another human being.   A basic tenant to libertarianism is that human beings have the right to life, liberty, and property. Also to have a self regulating market which means that if the people know a company is doing something bad they will stop buying their product so the company will start to do well. Libertarianism is the belief that with very little government the people will do the greater good and flourish naturally.
Author’s Main Point: Libertarians oppose government interfering in their personal and business decisions. Believing that Americans should live how they want but cannot harm each other.
Ethical Theory: The main ethical theory that the author uses in this article is utilitarian ethics. It supports libertarianism because they believe that one should be self made and for the people who have not make anything of themselves (the small portion) should not get any help from the ones who have made something out of themselves (the larger portion). In return the larger portion will be happy with all of their money not being taken away for people that have not worked for it.  
Analysis:   I have compared this article to the case of United States V. Virginia (Page 132).   I’ve decided to compare it to this case because in this case the main ethic was also utilitarian ethics. It gave the rights for women to join the Virginia military institute witch only allowed men to join at the time. This brought happiness for the greater people. “In 1971, for the first time in our nation’s history, this court ruled in favor of a woman who complained that her state had denied her the equal protection of its laws.”(Page 133.) This brought happiness to the greater people.