Level3 304

Assignment 304
Task 1a
Technical Guide
Before any cutting is carried out it is necessary to check that certain factors are checked to ensure the look can be achieved on the client. Does the client have the right hair length, hair thickness and face/head shape to carry off the cut? Does the client really want a short cut around the ears if they are usually something she wants to hide? Does the client’s life style suit a high maintenance hair cut? Thin hair or afro style hair may make the cut not look the way the client was expecting. Your haircut should enhance their good features and disguise their less attractive features. This is why a fully carried out assessment chat is needed with the client and realistic expectations need to be discussed.
Equipment: sharp hair cutting scissors, water spray bottle, sectioning clips, cutting collar, cutting comb, protective gown, hairdryer, round brush.
Graduation Cut
The word graduation is used to describe hair that has been cut at a variety of angles to create different lengths within the same haircut. Graduation can be long or short graduation. The type of graduation is determined where the longer or shorter lengths of the hair start and finish on the interior or exterior of the haircut.
Sometimes the interior of the haircut is shorter than the exterior and this is known as a long graduation. When the interior of the haircut is longer than the exterior it is known as a short graduation.
        Short Graduation     Long Graduation
Short Graduation
The interior of the haircut is longer than the exterior. Shorter in the nape area and getting longer towards the crown. The inner layers of the hair lengths are longer than the outline shape. It is cut using a combination of a one length cut and scissors over comb.
The short graduation cut can refer to a number of different specific looks. There can be bob hairstyles, wedge...