Level Three 900 Task a

a.   Three ways of gaining information

I would first arrange to visit Michael’s sister, if possible in the home that Michael shared with his later mother.   This would give me an insight into how Michael lived at home, his surroundings and how he likes his personal space to be.

Michael’s sister would be able to give me a much longer history of Michael’s life, both at home and in residential care.   This information would help me to make sure that Michael got a placement in the right type of residential care home that would suit him.   I would have a good insight to his likes and dislikes, what comforts him and what upsets him.

My next visit would be with Michael, to talk over how he feels, what he would like to do and where he would like to live.   Michael’s views are important to make sure he is happy living in the right place for him.

I would also meet with Michael’s social worker to find out about what residential places and funding are available for Michael.   Would he be able to continue his day care whilst living in residential care as it is an important part of his life and where he has made friends.   Would it be possible for Michael to live full time at the residential home where he had short breaks?   This would give him continuity as he is still coming to terms with his mothers death.

b.   Maintaining rapport

To be proactive in helping Michael I will need to maintain a rapport with Michael.   By speaking to his sister and learning about his life would help me to overcome any barriers there may be.   I would treat Michael with respect and as an individual, showing him that I am interested and listening to what he has to say.   I would use a standard of language that I knew he would understand and give him plenty of time to express himself without interrupting him.   I would reassure him that we are all working together to help him to make sure his life is how he wants it and that his views will be taken into account.

c.   Working in partnership...