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HCA and nurse shortage
I have chosen health care assistant as my assignment. As this is the times we live in, with the shortage of nurses across the board.
According to the most recent data in November 2011, the NHS was still short of 1,199 full time equivalent (FTE) registered nurses compared with April 2010. “These cuts are a short term attempt by trusts to find efficiency savings, yet they will lead to very serious and a very long-term crisis in our health service”.
When working in England, the company I worked for wanted to try training staff as H.C. A’s. They wanted to help with the nursing shortage. By training level 3 staff to HCA’s, Order of Saint John’s thought this would go some way, to taking the pressure of the nurses.
It was working well, nurses did not give this training much support in the beginning, but could see that the company were trying to address the nursing crisis.
The nursing crisis is not just hitting hospitals, care homes are also in crisis, the shortage of good staff as well as nurses are hard to find.
My last company could see by investing in the training of senior care staff as HCA’s would save money. “as they could call on them and not use agency’s “. This is also a great opportunity for care staff to further their career.
We had three care leaders go on to train as nurses and the company helped pay the cost, and gave the staff its full support.
The training is a yearlong, for HCA’s but is like everything ongoing you can never say you know everything, we are always learning as laws are always changing.
In this role you are given the chance to learn peg feeding, venepuncture, catheterisation and catheter care. Also diabetes, insulin awareness, pressure area care and tissue viability.
The “nursing shortage” is having an impact on the care of the older person, and the nurses are “too busy” to help with the older person with basic care.
According to T.V, radio and newspaper sources today. This news is based on...